ELDERLY ABUSE – Breaking the Cycle of Shame

This short documentary film addresses an issue that is difficult to discuss openly but it is a growing problem in all communities. Substance abuse of illicit, prescribed drugs and alcohol can lead to physical and mental abuse by children and spouses, while the shame is often an unspoken tragedy for fear of retribution and embarrassment. 

TRT:      30 min.


The pain and shame of suffering physical and mental abuse can remain an unspoken tragedy. Elders often fear retribution and embarrassment while battling financial hardship, theft, loss of life savings and property due to actions by their own family members. Experts provide general advice and suggestions as to where to seek help. Interviews with elders and experts who share general legal and practical advice make this program applicable to any elder living in the United States. Narrator: Frank B. Shaner.

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Documentary, investigative, crime

Documentary, awareness, drugs

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Educational, drugs, history