LILIUOKALANI – Reflections of Our Queen

This film provides a rare glimpse into the private life of Queen Liliuokalani via her personal writings, lyrics, and early 20th century remembrances shared by people who knew her and families who inherited first person stories of the Queen. 

TRT:           76 min.
Awards:     National 2018 Silver Telly, National 2018, Bronze Telly                                 


Queen Liliuokalani was an author, composer, innovator and Hawaii’s last reigning monarch. She left personal diaries and letters, music with poetic references and published writings that reflect a woman of remarkable intellect while her actions continue to speak to her innovative spirit and compassion.  Rare oral histories from people who knew the Queen and stories from their descendants enliven this film, the first intimate portrait of Hawaii’s Queen, funded by the Queen’s Trust.  


Hawaii, history, culture

Documentary, history, culture

Documentary, history, culture

Educational, history, culture