ICE – Hawaii’s Crystal Meth Epidemic

This film reveals the fascinating history of methamphetamine and how addiction affects the community at large. Addiction is linked directly to increase in violent crime, child abuse, elder and spousal abuse, theft and rising insurance rates, social services, medical costs and human costs that transcend the financial ruin that meth has had across the nation.

TRT:      60 min.


Beginning with its history in China as an ancient natural remedy, to WW2 and its legalized medicinal use in a synthesized version called amphetamine, “meth” or “ice” has become a scourge throughout America.  This film delivers answers to how we got here and via real stories from ice addicts, children of addicts, mothers in their 20s to foster parents who care for “meth babies”, “ICE – Hawaii’s Crystal Meth Epidemic” addresses questions millions of families are asking. The dynamics of how meth addiction links directly to increased violent crimes, child abuse, elder and spousal abuse, theft, rising insurance rates, cost of social services and medical care are touched upon in this film that was aired throughout the state of Hawaii in an historical, commercial-free simulcast on eleven television stations.

A companion film viewers guide is available to encourage use of the film as a teaching tool for educators, community leaders, and families.


Documentary, investigative, crime

Documentary, awareness, drugs

Educational, drugs, prevention

Educational, drugs, history